Give your child the gift of reading.

With these FREE printables complementary to MyLibook early reader series.

MyLibook personalized Early Readers

Help your child learn how to read with the first-ever, personalized, fun, and easy-to-read book series.

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Book 1 Printables: The Cat and the Rat

Our free printables introduce words like "Cat," "Rat," "I," and "Am" through coloring, mazes, and hands-on activities, encouraging your child to learn through play.

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Book 2 Printables: The Hat

Reinforcement leads to your child's learning and success. The printables in Book 2 reinforce words that were learned in Book 1 and add words such as "Hat," "Do," and "Like" through additional activities.

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Book 3 printables: The Jet

Adding words into your child's vocabulary helps expand their reading skill. Book 3 introduces words such as “Jet,” “Pet,” “No,” and “With.”

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Book 4 Printables: The Pig and the Wig

Mazes and other fun activities help your child find enjoyment in reading. Book 4 printables introduce more words such as "Pig," "Wig," "Have," and "Has,” through activity.

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Book 5 Printables: The Pug and the Mug

Progressive style reading encourages your child to learn. Book 5 Printables adds new words such as “Pug,” “Mug,” “Met,” and “From.”

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Book 6 Printables: The Dog

Providing activities such as coloring actively engage your child to participate in his or her learning. Book 6 Printables introduces words such as “Jog,” “Dog,” “Can,” “Got,” and “Let’s.”

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Book 7 Printables: The Fox

Packed with adventure and fun, your child will love this series as they navigate the story and learn new words. Book 7 Printable introduces terms such as “Fox,” “Box,” “From,” and “Was.”

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"These worksheets complement the books perfectly! Kaylee has never gotten bored and she is learning a lot very quickly."